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Zaid was a pretty nice guy.

He always gave us updates day by day and he did not miss an update. He was always there to give us information and disadvantages and advantages to everything. Overall probably one of the best. Like

Oday Nakooj

Very sensible and honest.

Does not pressure you. Perfect guy when your shopping around.

Michelle Tooma

Zaid was a huge help in finding the perfect first home!

Throughout the process he was both accommodating and attentive to our needs. He was very flexible with scheduling showings and would thoroughly research each listing beforehand ensuring he was knowledgeable of the homes. In addition to offering mortgage guidance, he provided great advice while searching for the right home. This is my first home purchase so I did not know where to begin. He really cared about finding the perfect home for me and that is the exact trait I was looking for in a realtor. I believe Zaid is a perfect choice for any home buyer, especially a first-time home buyer!

Anthony Lovill

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